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Traditionally distilled absinthe from The Netherlands

Absinthe Helfrich, Oirsbeek

Absinthe Helfrich is a distilled absinthe, made with only natural ingredients and based on nineteenth century recipes. It is the very first contemporary, genuine absinthe to be manufactered in The Netherlands.

The rich scent, full taste and spring green colour are due to the use of carefully selected herbs. These herbs have first been macerated in a high quality base alcohol such as has been applied in the Dutch liquor tradition for centuries. The macerate is being distilled, so that unpleasantly bitter and harsh compounds remain in the still while the desired aromas find their way into the distillate of Helfrich absinthe.

This absinthe has been released in to varieties: a blanche, a fresh and colourless distillate, and a verte that has been coloured by soaking a herbal bouquet in the distillate under careful heating. The verte is a potent drink, characterized not only by a coloured appearance, but also a pronounced and more complexly structured herbal nature. The alcohol content of the blanche is significantly lower while the distillate is more nuanced, resulting in a gently perfumed and silky final product.

Both products are to be served with 3 to 5 parts of cold water, depending on personal taste. The water releases the aromas while the characteristic turbidity or 'louche' appears beautifully in the glass. You can also add some sugar to smooth the taste but we consider this far from necessary.

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The Dutch Absinthe Law was formally repealed on May 10th, 2005. A year earlier two Amsterdam retailers got caught up in a long and arduous confrontation with the law and finally won a lawsuit against the Public Prosecutor.

Unfortunately, the bottles that appeared in the liquor stores since, did not in the least appeal to any right-minded absintheur. Absinthe Helfrich is a Dutch answer to this development: an absinthe without artificial additives, that actually has the aroma and taste of real absinthe.



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